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Mystery Person Leaves 'Thank You' Apples for Snag Mountain Firefighters

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ELLENSBURG, WA. -- With a devastating fires like the Snag Canyon Fire, it can be hard to find a story that makes you feel good. Good thing you don't have to look any farther than an apple for that. 

Sunday, after firefighters came back to the command post after a long day fighting flames, they found an apple and a "Thank You" note left in front of all 200 firefighters tents. 

It's unknown who exactly left the apples for the firefighters but the rumor is that a woman and her 2 kids came by and dropped them off. Officials say no matter who left the apples, it's good deeds like that, that give them the energy to keep working hard. 

"It's so nice to know that we have the support of the community," Sarah Foster of the Department of Natural Resources said. "And Ellensburg and Kittitas county has been so deeply impacted by fire the last few years that it's really important for our firefighters. It keeps morale up to know that we're really supported by the community."

This command center in Ellensburg was built in just hours on Sunday. It now has full working phone service and internet and is critical to help firefighters battle the flames. At the command center, they received word of a big victory Monday when they found out that FEMA has approved funding to help fight this fire.

Meaning that up to 75% of this relief effort will be paid for. But still the most uplifting thing of the day came from whoever left the apples, and every here wants to say thank you.