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Drive-By Shooting Kills One, Injures Two in Outlook -- Coroner Names the Deceased

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OUTLOOK, WA. -- UPDATE -- One man is dead and two others injured, including a 7-year-old -- when a drive by shooter fired 15 shots at a house on D Street in Outlook.

The shooting happened Monday night around 8 o'clock and the neighborhood is still in shock. Shards of glass are all that remains from a shooting that shattered this small neighborhood in Outlook, killing one, injuring two others. And now this leaves neighbors questioning why this shooting would happen here, to a neighbor that was always so friendly. 

It all happened so fast, according to neighbor Nellie Kielstra.

"I heard the shot," Kielstra said. "I thought it was the neighbor on that side there that threw some junk in the garbage can or something like that."

The Yakima Sheriff's Office has identified the man who died as 37-year-old Noel Yebras Cepeda who lived in the home. The coroner says he passed away after bleeding out from a single gunshot wound to the chest. The other two injured, including the 7-year-old, have non-life threatening injures. Nellie did not know anyone had died in the shooting until we told her during our interview.

"Oh, I never would have guessed that," Nellie said. "That is really really sad."

Nellie says it's even more terrible to see this happen to these neighbors because, despite not speaking the same language, they would always bring her fruit. And the 7-year-old had a special place in her heart. 

"He calls me grandma," Nellie said. "They're really the nicest people that I know."

This neighborhood is no stranger to violence. In May, there was another drive-by just 2 blocks away. No one was injured in that shooting. This family was not so lucky.

Friends and neighbors gathered Tuesday to show their support. They declined to be interviewed, but one person I talked on Facebook, who claimed to be a family member, said the shooting was not gang related. 

The Sheriff's Office didn't want to reveal too many details on this case since it is still on-going but they did tell us that, right now, they don't have a suspect. 

The Yakima Sheriff's Office says they've found the car they believe was used in the shooting. It was a stolen vehicle that was set on fire just minutes after the shooting and abandoned only a couple miles away at the corner of Van Bell Road and Nichols Road.



OUTLOOK, WA - Yakima County Sheriff Deputies are looking for the person or people who shot and killed one man, injured another, and sent a young boy to the hospital. Deputies say two men and a 7-year-old boy suffered gunshot wounds during a drive-by shooting Monday night on the 100 block of D Street in Outlook. 

Paramedics took one of the men to Sunnyside Hospital where he later died. The second man is in stable condition at Yakima Regional Medical Center with at least one gunshot wound. 

Paramedics originally took the boy to Sunnyside Hospital, but then flew him to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for further treatment. Deputies say the child's wound is not life-threatening. 

Deputies haven't released the names of the people involved, or said what may have led to the shooting. 

If you have any information about what happened, give the Yakima County Sheriff's Office a call.