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Yakima's Pilot Recycling Program Ends And The Results Look Good

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YAKIMA, WA. -- This summer, the City of Yakima gave one neighborhood the option to recycle. The nine week pilot program has come to an end, and the city is now looking over the results.  

Now that the city's pilot recycling program is over, they're done collecting the garbage and they are starting to collect the numbers.

It may not be so to you or I, but it's a beautiful sight to see mountains and mountains of trash for the City of Yakima.

"Are you surprised with how much you got?" we asked. 

"Yes and no," Loretta Zammarchi of the Solid Waste and Recycling Manager. "I mean it was good. I guess to say we didn't know, that's the point of a pilot."

There's everything from last week's soda to yesterday's newspaper and these workers get the wonderful task of sorting and weighing it all.  

"This is fun," Zammarchi said. "It's sweaty, it's hot. We're all looking forward to a shower this afternoon. But this is good and it's really interesting to see how well the community responded to the program."

On the streets, city workers are removing the recycling and yard waste bins from all 537 homes. Some people are sad to see it go. 

"Well my thoughts are that it keeps things well organized as far as the garbage is concerned," Laurene Aranas said.

"I think it's a good thing for our environment and keeping our city clean," Andres Munguia said.

The numbers for the 9-week program look promising. The city says every two weeks they hauled 2.8 tons of recycling away. A number that could help the rapidly filling Terrace Heights dump free up some extra space. 

"It's important for the refuge division to look at the long term planning," Zammarchi said. "Terrace Heights will close and we need to start looking at all the alternatives that are open to us."

Now city workers role up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, breaking down the numbers for a recycling program that could make a huge difference in the future. Trash never looked so good. 

When it's all said and done, the Solid Waste Department will make a recommendation to city council sometime in the fall. After that the city council could move forward on making this recycling program city wide.