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Yakima City Council Complies With Judges Order in ACLU Lawsuit

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YAKIMA, WA. -- Last week, a federal judge ruled in favor of the ACLU, claiming that the City of Yakima's voting laws discriminated against latino voters. 

Thursday, the city council held a closed door meeting to discuss the lawsuit. The city council met for nearly an hour in a private session to discuss the lawsuit. When they returned, this is all the mayor had to say.

"We are going to comply with the judges ruling and that is all we have to say," Mayor Micah Cawley said.

Because of the pending litigation, the city did not want to say more or even elaborate on what complying with the lawsuit means. After the meeting ended, we talked to Mayor Cawley who explained a little as to why they are being so tight lipped.

"Well I wish we could say more," Mayor Cawley said. "But because it is a pending case, and because of the magnitude of the case, we just have to continue to be updated on and go through that process. It is something that will eventually come to a conclusion."

The City of Yakima is also leaving open the possibility of challenging this lawsuit with an appeal later down the line. For now, the City of Yakima will begin a redistricting process, or even a complete change in voting laws regarding how city council members are elected. 

Another new development Wednesday, Governor Jay Inslee sent this one page letter to the city council of Yakima. In the letter he urged the city council to show leadership by tackling the districting problem. He also asked them not to appeal the lawsuit. 

To view the letter, click here