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Wineries In The Valley See Good Business Over Labor Day Weekend

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 YAKIMA, WA.- With Labor Day weekend wrapping up we wanted to see how local wineries in the Yakima Valley fared this year.

 With tons of fairs, concerts, and Labor Day festivities throughout the valley, we wondered if local wineries lost business.

 Kana Winery in downtown Yakima told us at KNDO it's been a busy weekend,  they've had customers come from Kennewick, Seattle, even as far as Oregon.

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"Labor Day has been wonderful for us this year we started Friday with a full house during the day and there were lots of tourists," Kana Winery's General Manager Katherine Goodsen told us.

 Goodsen told us the traffic through downtown Yakima has made for great business this year.

Local wineries throughout the valley have seen sales increase since the city of Yakima began constructing better traffic flow and updating the city center.

     Several new restaurants are set to open this fall right downtown and Kana Winery says they're excited for the new businesses entering the area.