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Damage From Snag Canyon Fire Revealed for First Time

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OUTSIDE ELLENSBURG, WA. -- The Snag Canyon Fire burning outside Ellensburg is now completely contained. Monday, road blocks in the area were removed for the first time and we took a look at the damage.

This is the first time that we've been able to see scenes like this from the Snag Canyon Fire. This used to be a full metal shed now burned to the ground and it got so hot here you can see pieces of glass that became molten and then reshaped. This is actually ground zero for the fire because according to neighbors around this area, the lightning strike that started this fire happened just over the ridge.

Some people are still walking through the rubble left from the Snag Canyon Fire.

"This used to be lush paradise," Anne McQuade said. 

Monday, the remaining road blocks were removed, giving the public the first chance to see the devastation that Anne saw first hand.

"The other houses were just exploding," Anne McQuade said. "The propane tanks and big trees exploding. The sound of it. I mean you could feel the heat. It was just amazing."

Anne was sitting in her yard when the lighting struck right next to her home. 

"I called my husband and said, you better get home," Anne said. "We'll let me know if it's not better in 20 minutes. I said, honey, I don't think we have 20 minutes."

She barely had enough time to escape with her dogs before the fire swept over. On this Labor Day, weeks later, neighbors are still reflecting on the flames that destroyed cabins. Some that more than 50 years old. 

"It's sad," neighbor Daniel Coens said. "It's just scary and fit shoes you how powerful mother nature is. You can't stop it."

Anne says its the hard work of the firefighters that saved everything she owns. 

"I don't know how they did it," Anne says. "The amount of effort it may have taken. They're heroes."

On this Labor Day, keep in mind all the firefighters, many volunteers, who risked it all to save everything for people they didn't even know. People like Anne. 

The McQuades say despite everything they've lost, they've still got their dogs and their home and that's the important thing. And they cant thank the firefighters enough for fighting to save their house.