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"Lets Make Pink Just Another Color" at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center

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 KENNEWICK, WA - The fifth year of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center "Let's Make Pink Just Another Color" event took place Wednesday evening in Kennewick. Tons of booths, food, prizes, raffles and speaker presentations took place at the Cancer Center. Everyone was dressed in "pink" themed clothing promoting the kick-off of awareness month. All month long in October, you can donate directly to the Cancer Center to benefit local patients and research on breast cancer which affects one in eight women.

    Michael Novakovich, the Director of Business Development, spoke with NBC Right Now about the event and all of its new features this year. Speakers who have conquered this cancer were among those who spoke. Dr. Sue Mandell spoke about "Tri-Cities Cancer Center Breast Cancer of Excellence", Dr. Karen Vaniver talked about her experience battling cancer and what being a patient taught her about being a doctor, and Cindy Miller instructed how to conduct a "Breast Self Exam". 

    In honor of the awareness month, the Cancer Center building was lit with pink lights at 7:30 pm.

    If you would like to get in contact with the Cancer Center to order t-shirts from the event, call (509)737-3413

    For a month full of events, click here to see the Tri-Cities Cancer Center calendar.