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Wapato Students and Teachers Celebrate Grand Opening of $47 Million High School

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WAPATO, WA. -- Tuesday was an exciting day for Wapato students as they opened the brand new Wapato High School with a big ceremony. 

With the ribbon cut and the balloons set free, the new $47 million Wapato High School is now open for learning. 

"This is my school," student body president Jasmin Rivera said. "I was thrilled just cutting the ribbon. That was such a big honor, I was like this school is going to be here for so many more years and I'm going to be the one who cut the ribbon to introduce it."

Tuesday's ceremony honored the four years of hard work that went into building this state of the art facility. Now, every classroom has Wi-Fi and video capabilities, something that was only a dream in the old high school. 

"Much improved technology," Assistant Superintendent Dan Murray said. "The other building you could not add another set of computers to it, it was so outdated."

It's not just the technology but the overall feel of the place that is making an impact on the students. 

"A bigger space so the students have more room to relax so they can actually concentrate," Rivera said. "We have so many windows you can see the beautiful sunlight and it's a lot easier to focus than in a dark crowded room."

With a slice of cake for lunch, every student and teacher got to enjoy the grand opening. Now the faculty hopes the real work can start with a much better environment for learning. 

"What's it like to go to school everyday from now on?" we asked. 

"I like it, I actually do," Rivera said. "Because when I come in, I get to see the brand new school and it's a really beautiful thing."

Students excited to go to school is not something you hear everyday. But with this brand new facility, who wouldn't be excited to learn?