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Neighbors Stop Rape and Kidnapping By Beating Up Suspect Before Police Arrive

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YAKIMA, WA. -- We're learning more about a rape suspect named Drew Gough who was arrested on Monday. We got a copy of the court documents and what we found, is pretty scary. The suspect actually stalked the victim and planned to hold her hostage in a shed. But the quick thinking of a neighbor stopped this evil plan.

It's a neighborly thing that we all hope someone would do for us. A man saw his neighbor, that he only met one time, running out of her home yelling that she was being raped.

The neighbor jumped into action and tackled Drew Gough. And get this, investigators say Gough tazered the neighbor twice as he tried to get away. But he and his girlfriend held him down, hitting him on the head with a brick, until the police arrived to arrest him. 

The neighbor didn't want to be on camera. But this is what he had to say about the experience. 

"Honestly, I didn't know what to do," Bradley said. "All I know is it was complete adrenaline. There was no thought, it was just action, just do it now. You need to protect her."

Court documents now show the terrible fate that was awaiting that girl. Police claim Gough knew his victim from work and had a strange obsession with her. 

Gough told police that he planned to kidnap her, take her back to a shed in his backyard, and sexually assault her repeatedly for days. Gough was then going to force his victim to kill him. 

An obviously sick and delusional man who's evil plan was stopped thanks to some quick thinking by two neighbors.