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Groceries Prices are Rising Faster Than Incomes

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Grocery prices have gone up 50% over the past decade. Grocery prices have gone up 50% over the past decade.
KENNEWICK, WA- The average price of groceries have gone up 50% over the past decade, but the average income has only gone up by 23%, which has hurt some consumers.

These prices show no signs of slowing down and it is hitting consumers the hardest.  They have to make adjustments and cut back on what they spend on items they need at the grocery stores.

The rising prices made some consumers think twice when it comes to their money. 

“I won't just get in my car and drive anywhere at the drop of a hat.  I kind of think about it a little bit more,” said Kelly Davis, consumer.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the past 20 years prices increased 2.6% every year.  This past August showed the Consumer Price Index was up 2.9% from last August, and because of that, some have changed their spending.

“I'm buying less and I buy a lot of healthy foods and that costs even more,” said Carol Voland, consumer.

Foods like bread were less than a $1 in 2004, but now the average price is closer to a $1.50.  The same thing for milk, which was right under $3, but now it is closer to $4. 

“It was kind of a shocker at first.  It wasn't a gradual thing, it was kind of right there in your face,” said Patricia Wells, consumer.

“We don't go out to movies or go out to eat as much as we used to,” said Davis.

While prices have gone up, some still shop the way they did before.

“Well I shop like I always do, use coupons, use store brands, don't by a lot of processed foods,” said Sue Campbell, consumer.

Others have chosen to adjust to the prices.

“We'll try to cut back where we need to and push on,” said Davis.

The USDA said prices for the rest of the year will see normal inflation despite the first six months of this year seeing more increase than all of last year.

They also said weather has a lot to do with those predictions.