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In-Depth Crime Comparison Shows Details of Lower Crime Rates in Yakima

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YAKIMA, WA. -- We told you recently about a decrease in several crime rates in Yakima over the past couple years. This week, we got a hold of a crime comparison that shows some drastic changes in almost every category.

This newest report gives extra detail into exactly which crimes rates are lowering and which ones are getting higher. Nearly every category in the report was lower in 2013 compared to 2012. But there were a few that were higher. 

This new report breaks down each crime into categories and it shows some real progress when it comes to fighting crime around Yakima.

"Generally we think we're headed on the right track," Captain Greg Copeland said. 

Here are some of the numbers; residential burglaries are down 24%. Attempted car thefts were up 25% but car thefts overall went down 46%. Police say a major reason for the lower numbers could be an overall decrease in gang activity. 

"I think we've had a good year, particularly over the summer," Captain Copeland said. "We noticed definitely that there are much fewer gang related shootings this year than in years past. Especially if you go back in years to 2009, 2010, where it seemed like we had a gang shooting almost every day."

Not every statistic dropped. While robbery was down 8% overall, armed robbery of a gas station doubled from 2 instances in 2012 to 4 in 2013. Homicide cases also increased from 6 to 8 last year. So far this year there has only been one homicide. 

"That's a pretty good number," Capt. Copeland said. "Now the year's not over yet and there's still some opportunity for people to misbehave in 2014. But certainly I think that is a direct result of the gang shooting numbers that are down."

The police say they can't take all of the credit for a decrease in crime. 

"By no means am I saying that the police department are the only ones responsible for them going down," Captain Copeland said. "There's a host of people in the community, agencies in the community, the court system, the jails that have a roll in that too."

If the end of 2014 is anything like the first 10 months, police believe many of these statistics could go even lower. A trend that all of us want to see continue well into the future. 

Overall, the crime index for Yakima dropped by 16% in 2013.