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Pot Candy on Halloween

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Pot Candy is banned in the state of Washington. Pot Candy is banned in the state of Washington.
PROSSER, WA - NBC Right Now spoke with several parents Wednesday who had mixed feelings about pot candy landing in their children's hands. 

Altitude marijuana shop in Prosser just got edibles in Wednesday morning. Employees will be packaging individual chocolate bon bon's into child proof containers. They will not be for sale for a while, after hearing about concerns in Colorado about pot candy.

Tanya Harris, the Assistant Manager at Altitude, said, "They are in/on hold until after Halloween. We are going to keep them on hold for safety issues so that no one has any concerns about anything being distributed out to minors or the Halloween season. We want everyone to have a safe time."

Recreational marijuana stores in Washington legally cannot sell pot candy, it is only available through medical marijuana dispensaries. This includes candy, lollipops and gummy bears just to name a few. Altitude hopes to carry cookies and maybe even salad dressing some day.

Harris explained, "Everything is listed on there from THC levels, CBD levels, right to, if it has egg or all of the food by-laws that are required for the FDA."

With all those labels, sometimes pot candy can still look like the real thing. Some parents NBC Right Now spoke to said they just see it as an issue parents should be aware of and take into their own hands. Some wanted to tell us they are still upset with the law in general. Dustin Gartman is one of those parents who is not too concerned about it being a problem.

Gartman said, "It could happen by accident but to me the products are expensive and I don't think that most people are out to get kids high."

Colorado health officials are trying to ban sales of marijuana infused brownies, cookies and most candy. The amount of children that end up in the hospital after consuming a treat has nearly doubled in that state.