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Video of SWAT Stand-off on Facebook

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Police discourage any video of police activity posted to social media. Police discourage any video of police activity posted to social media.
 RICHLAND, WA - Richland Police have encountered social media playing a part in their SWAT team activity. Although social media is helping inform a lot of people at once, sometimes it is not done in good timing.

A Toppenish man, who was surrounded by SWAT team members Tuesday night, is overheard in the background of a self made video yelling, "I don't call cops, you call me if you wanna talk to me," during a stand off at his residence.

Videos outside SWAT scenes as well as inside can harm police activity. If it is an active situation, posting online is putting those officers lives at risk.

The main concern for police is that suspect can see where police are positioned if the suspect has access to the web.

Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb said these videos "could be" incriminating, "Depends you know, we would have a judge issue an order to obtain the footage at all, and if it was viewed as evidentiary value and it showed something to do with the crime their accused of," then they may use it.

Even if it is twenty to thirty minutes into a stand off, police do not want any video from outside to play a role in their jobs. As for video coming from the inside however, that is not too much of a concern.

Richland Police hold regular meetings with their SWAT teams where things like social media are talked about, as for now, the video on Facebook just gives us an insider look on SWAT activity.