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New Ordinance From The City Could Make Requirements For Pawnshops Even Stricter

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 YAKIMA, WA.- State law requires that all pawnshop owners thoroughly screen their customers and the merchandise they are selling and buying.

But a new proposed ordinance in the city of Yakima, could force pawnshop owners to operate under even stricter requirements.

The city of Yakima is hoping tighter restrictions on pawnshop transactions will help them crack down on stolen property.

A proposed ordinance would add more paperwork to every pawnshop sale, but local shop owners have told the city they're not happy with the new idea.

“We didn't even know this ordinance was even in the works and our first knowledge of it was when the media called and was asking us questions about it,” Dianne Mabery, the owner of Bestway Pawn Mart in Yakima, told KNDO.

Mabery told us the customer screening process they go through is already extensive.

“They have to show current picture ID, so it cant be expired, and we place all that information in our computers, their name, their address, their birth date, their drivers license, their phone number,” Mabery told us.

The new ordinance would require owners to photograph the item being sold or bought, take a photocopy of the front and back of all photo identification, and gather witness information during transactions.

Mabery says the new requirements would add a lot of financial burden. 

“Financially it would be a huge financial burden when less than a tenth of a percent of what we do in business has ever been confiscated within a year,” Mabery told KNDO.

We reached out to the city but they didn't want to talk about the new ordinance until they meet with local pawnshop owners. 

The Yakima police department told us they're the ones behind this proposal.

They're hoping if this ordinance is passed they'll be able to find stolen property being sold in pawnshops more easily.

A meeting to move forward with this proposal has not been scheduled yet, but if you would like to check out the ordinance in more detail we have it on our website.