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Dateline NBC Comes to Yakima to Tell Holbrook Murder Story

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YAKIMA, WA. -- It's been several months since Daniel Blizzard was convicted of hiring Luis Gomez-Monges to kill Yakima real estate broker Vern Holbrook. 

Now the story is getting some national attention from our NBC friends at Dateline. 

We were on the set of Dateline NBC in Yakima. They brought a professional camera crew and correspondent Josh Mankiewicz to town to do a special on the Vern Holbrook murder trial. We sat down with Josh Mankiewicz the other day and he said this story has a little bit of everything. 

This may not be what you expect behind the scenes of Dateline NBC, especially because it looks more like this on your TV screen. It takes a lot of hard work to take it from this room to living rooms around the country.

"What you see on Dateline is the work of more than 100 people," Mankiewicz said. "Every time we go on the air, I'm working with some of the best people in the business."

Now the best in the business is working on a story right out of Yakima. In May of 2013, 79-year-old Vern Holbrook was brutally attacked and had his throat slit while he showed a home in the West Valley area.

Daniel Blizzard was given 34 years in prison for hiring Luis Gomez-Monges and his accomplice Adriana Mendez to kill Holbrook after a deal to buy his real estate company Aspen Realty fell through. 

Mendez and Holbrook's former daughter-in-law Jill Taylor were allowed to walk free in exchange for their testimony. 

"You know it was a terribly sad story of a really beloved guy who had a huge heart, who was well known and well liked in this community and he met with a really terrible end," Mankiewicz said.

While we were there, Josh interviewed the prosecutor in the case Alvin Guzman. 

"What happened to Vern Holbrook? And why?" Mankiewicz said. "That's the story we'll be telling on Dateline."

Dateline expects the story to air sometime in February. Stay with us and we'll keep you updated.