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VIDEO: 13-year-old Girl Gets Brutally Attacked in Front of School Bus Driver Who Did Nothing to Help

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YAKIMA, WA. -- Back in 2011, a girl on a Yakima school bus repeatedly punched another girl. And video shows the school bus driver did nothing to help. Now the school district is being sued.

It was on a school bus traveling from Franklin Middle School where that fight happened in 2011. According to the attorney representing the parent's of the 13-year-old girl , they are suing the school district now because they wanted to see how she recovered from the brutal incident. And the lawyer tells us that she's had a very hard time since. 

It's a brutal attack. One thirteen year old girl gets punched over and over again. More than 20 times before the bully finally stops. All with a bus driver standing just feet away. 

"She did have to seek comprehensive mental health," Sergio Garciduenas said. "She suffered immensely as far as depression. She became suicidal because of this. And so this is an incident that has really haunted her since it happened."

I watched the video with Garciduenas. 

"Here's the bully pushing her and just punching her, punching her, punching her," Garciduenas said. "And look, the bus driver isn't even doing anything. She's just sitting there. And then look, our client gets up, grabs her book or her phone and and gets out. And what does the bus driver do? Nothing! It's as if nothing happened."

The big question is should the school bus driver have intervened?

In the Washington school bus driver handbook it says; "School bus drivers have a legal responsibility to protect students from known or reasonably foreseeable harm occurring during, or in connection with, school activities."

We reached out to the Yakima School District. All they sent us was a two line release that read; "The Yakima School District does not comment on pending litigation. Any comments will be made at the appropriate time and venue."

Parents we talked to at Franklin Middle School think something should have been done. 

"I feel like the bus driver should have done something because they had the chance to do something about it," a parent said.

"The bus driver didn't really do her job in keeping kids safe," said another parent. 

"I would expect him to do his job and help the student out," one brother said. "I mean my little sister, I pick her up, and if she was on that bus being attacked, I would expect the adult to intervene."

Garciduenas hopes this lawsuit can have a positive outcome. 

"We're hoping that this video release, releasing this video will highlight the problem of bullying," Garciduenas said. "And that school districts, including the Yakima School District takes this issue seriously."

Tamaki Law has not specified how much they are seeking in the lawsuit. They said they will be leaving that up to the judge.