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Local Mother Concerned About Frayed Car Seat Strap, Company Claims She Has Rodents

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 KENNEWICK, WA - A local mother discovered some fraying on the harness straps of a car seat she owns and called the company to get some answers. After she finally got ahold of Evenflo, workers told her it looks like rodents ate through the strap, probably because her children eat in the seats.

"That's very offensive to us, that you're telling me basically that we're dirty and have rodents in our car and that we don't clean up and that's the reason this happened to the car seat," said mother of three, Deanna Kitzke.

The only reason Deanna Kitzke decided to call Evenflo was because of a conversation with her sister. Turns out her sister, who lives on the west side of the state, owns the same exact model # 34511125 Evenflo Symphony Car Seat and it has identical fraying damage.

"It's the same strap, same place, same fray, exactly the same thing on two different car seats bought from two different Toys R Us, bought at two different times... So it's definitely an issue on their side," said Kitzke.

Deanna and her husband spent nearly $200 on the car seat, thinking it was a solid investment for their growing family.

"It was supposed to be a car seat that you could use through, you know, up to 45 pounds, you could use it. This is the 2nd, actually 3rd Evenflo car seat that we have," said Kitzke.

The other two Evenflo car seats the Kitzke's own and store in the same Cadillac Escalade the Symphony used to sit in, have no damage whatsoever. 

"If it is frayed, it makes it so if you were to get in an accident it could snap and your child could fly forward," said Kitzke.

When I called the company no one would give me an interview, instead they sent me a statement that reads, in part, "...engineers have conclusively determined that the fraying is not due to any product or processing defect. In the vast majority of these investigations, the cause of the fraying was determined to be small rodent damage and none of the prior inspections revealed an anomaly in the plastic or metal components of the car seat itself."  

"I would like them to acknowledge their mistake and stop accusing me of having rodents. I think they should have rectified the situation. What their fix was to give us 50% off of a car seat," said Kitzke.

On principle alone the Kitzke's won't be buying another Evenflo car seat. Several reviews of the Symphony model online show the same complaint of frayed harness straps and the same rodent response from Evenflo. 

In situations like this where you might believe a recall is in order you can always file a complaint with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.