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Munzanreder Trial Continues With Alleged Accomplice Testimony

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 YAKIMA, WA.- John Munzanreder, the man accused of gunning down his wife in the Majestic Theatre parking lot appeared in court again on Friday.

The jury heard the testimony of Juan Ibanez the man accused of being an accomplice.    

Friday's testimony from Ibanez certainly shed more light on the trial; he detailed the murder John Munzandreder is accused of planning up to the night Cynthia Munzanreder was shot and killed.

Both the prosecution and defense questioned Ibanez Friday afternoon in court.

Ibanez explained that he and Munzanreder worked together at Valley Ford, saying they talked often until one day Munzanreder asked him for help, help getting rid of his wife. 

“He told me he needed to get rid of somebody and I asked who and he said his wife,” Ibanez told the court on Friday.

Ibanez explained that Munzanreder originally asked him to kill his wife for him,  ibanez refused to do that, but agreed to helping him dispose of the evidence and formulate a plan.

Munzanreder told Ibanez all he needed to do was get rid of the gun.

“All you need to do is be there pick up the gun and take off,” Ibanez told the jury that's what Munzanreder told him.

He testified that after the murder took place he didn't hear from Munzanreder for a few days.  

But the following week received several phone calls asking if he'd disposed of the evidence.   

“The first was are you alright, are you okay, did you get rid of everything, did you cover your tracks, and did you delete your text messages?  I told him yeah I did,” Ibanez told the jury.

This testimony solidified much of the state's argument against Munzanreder.  

The defense worked another angel, claiming that much of the evidence the state provided was only based on the word of Juan Ibanez.

The trial will resume on Monday when we're expected to hear from crime lab analysts on the science behind the crime.