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Children and Guns Bill Proposed

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WASHINGTON STATE- Gun owners could potentially face charges if someone 18 or younger gets a hold of their gun.

Representative Ruth Kagi proposed House Bill 1747 on Monday. It would make parents responsible if a child were to get a hold of their gun and injure or kill someone. If that were to happen, according to the bill, "You are guilty" of child endangerment in the first degree.

The bill says if a child were to show the gun in a public situation to scare people but not necessarily injure them, the parent would still face second degree child endangerment charges.

House Bill 1747 would not apply if the gun is in a lock box, secured and safe. It would not apply if a parent gave access to the gun under their supervision and does not apply to unlawful entry or lawful acts of self defense.

The bill does not specify where you would have to store your gun either. 

In addition to holding gun owners accountable, retailers could face a $50.00 fine. Retailers would have to give this warning to customers, "You may face criminal prosecution if you store or leave an unsecured firearm where a child can and does obtain possession".

To read the full bill itself, click here.