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Bright Business Signs Bring Complaints to the City from Drivers

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KENNEWICK, WA- Clearwater Avenue is one of the busiest streets in Kennewick and if drivers are not careful, it could be dangerous, especially driving at night, with some of the newer, bright business signs, but the City of Kennewick said the signs are in compliance with their code.

The City of Kennewick said it is not uncommon for them to receive calls from drivers complaining about the bright business signs on Clearwater at night. 

Clearwater Avenue can almost look like the Tri-Cities' version of Las Vegas with all the signs grabbing drivers' attention.  What happens when they grab too much attention, like maybe the Hapo sign, the Affordable Auto Liquidators sign, or even the Alvarez Auto Sales sign at Edison and Canal?  The city handles it.

"We did outreach to the business owner and he was aware that we had an issue with the sign and was making some corrections to it," said Evelyn Lusignan with the City of Kennewick.

The city talked with Alvarez Auto Sales about the complaints they have received from drivers who said the sign was too bright or a distraction.

Alvarez said they are actually working to get one of the parts in the sign fixed so that it can automatically adjust to the natural light. 

"When it gets dark, the lights automatically turn down a little bit and in the day when it's super sunny and bright, they turn up," said Segio Sergioez, general manager, on what the new improvements would do.

Alvarez said he will also turn down his sign lights to keep them from burning out so fast but not because they are too bright for drivers.  He said these types of signs are getting cheaper and more will appear.

"They're going to pop up everywhere.  It's just like they are in Las Vegas and everywhere else, eventually more people are going to have an LED screen instead of a typical sign," said Alvarez.

For now, the city just hopes they can find a balance.

"Certainly there is a balance between meeting the business needs of the community, but also making sure the look and feel of our community meets a certain standard and of course safety is an important factor," said Lusignan.

Businesses near Affordable Auto Liquidators on Clearwater said they sometimes have a hard time pulling out into traffic because of the business' bright lights on their sign.

The city said all the business signs up right now are in compliance with the code.  If drivers have complaints, they are urged to contact the City of Kennewick.