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BREAKING: Name Released of the Man Killed in Officer Involved Shooting

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UPDATE: Franklin County Coroner says the name of the man shot last night by Pasco Police is Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

Zambrano-Montes is a 35-year-old transient out of Pasco.


PREVIOUS/PASCO, WA. -- We caught up with Chris Pirtle outside a Burbank high school basketball game. Chris was just feet away in his car when the shooting happened and saw the whole thing. 

"I was at the light at Lewis and 10th going home and saw off to my right there was a Hispanic guy throwing rocks at a Pasco Police Officer," Pirtle said. "He looked like he had been tased and he kept on throwing rocks. He had one cop in front of him, one behind him. He would throw a rock at one in front of him, go back throw a rock at the guy behind him."

Pasco Police Captain Ken Roske tells us Tuesday that police tased the man before three officers opened fire. 

"He had his back turned and turned around and looked like he had another rock," Pirtle said. "(He had) a decent sized rock in his hand and went to flinch and that's when they just opened fire and dropped him."

Chris thinks the officers did everything in their power to try to stop the man before using lethal force. 

"I mean they were good sized rocks," Pirtle said. "He kept on screaming, shoot me, shoot me. And they just told him to drop the rocks and he just did not want to listen."

Chris's car was so close to the shooting that chips of paint from a building that was hit by a stray bullet landed on his windshield. Despite all the action he saw today, Chris say it's something he wish he hadn't seen. 

"It was definitely a new experience, something that I don't want to experience again, that's for sure."


PASCO, WA - One man is dead in an officer involved shooting Tuesday night in front of a bakery on the corner of North 10th Ave and Lewis Street in Pasco.

Witnesses say they saw the man acting strange just before the shooting.

Police say the man was throwing rocks at officers during the incident.

Three officers are now on paid leave while the investigation is underway.

Police have not identified the man or the officers involved.