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Protests Continue In Pasco Days After Officer Involved Shooting

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PASCO, WA. -- Protesters were out again at 10th Avenue and Lewis Street Thursday as national media converged on the Tri-Cities. 

"We are going to be here every single night," Norma Mendoza said. 

Protesters once again were on the street, some holding rocks above their heads. It's been several days since the shooting but the passion is still strong.

"Those guys are not going to be just out there pretending like they killed a dog," Mendoza said. "This is not a dog this was a man. A man that has a family."

Just feet away, inside Vinny's Bakery and Cafe, local leaders discussed safety while protests continued outside. In Vinny's, the emotion from family members of Antonio Zambrano-Montes was just as intense. 

"She mentioned that he did have some personal problems and that his life is lost is a struggle that they're going through right now," one family member said.

Pasco Police Chief Bob Metzger spoke to those gathered about what he hopes to see in the coming days of planned protests. 

"I have two main concerns," Chief Metzger said. "That I think you share with me, one is your safety. I don't want anyone not being safe in there. But also a lot of businesses such as the one we are in here tonight, that are local people that really need our support to make sure that nothing gets damaged."

The chief left the meeting before we could catch up with him.. Earlier in the day he sat down with a crew from nightly news and addressed the growing comparisons with Fergeson, Missouri. 

"What about that? Is that a fair comparison with Fergeson?" a NBC News reporter asked. 

"It's interesting because the family actually brought that up today and said we don't want to compare this with Fergeson and that was words out of their mouth," Chief Metzger said. "And to me, that was very compelling. We don't want any businesses hurt, we don't want any residences hurt. We don't want any of them hurt, so we're going to block off whatever street."

Despite the days passing by, it appears that a loud group of the Pasco Community is not losing steam, only gaining it. 

"Enough is enough!" Mendoza yelled. 

Two major developments are expected Friday when the Franklin County Coroner will come back with an autopsy report and the Special Investigative Unit will hold a media conference at one 1:30. 

We're going to stream that to you live on our website and over the air right here on NBC Right Now.