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Officer Involved in Pasco Shooting Was Involved in Excessive Force Lawsuit in 2013

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PASCO, WA. -- The entire controversy that has sparked protest and national attention to Pasco surrounds the actions of three Pasco Police officers. We looked into what we could find out about each of them. 

Officer Ryan Flanagan is the most senior officer who opened fire on Antonio Zambrano-Montes Tuesday. He's been a part of the Pasco Police force for 9-years. 

We discovered back in 2013, the City of Pasco settled a lawsuit for $100,000 for an incident of police brutality that included Officer Flanagan. The woman claimed two officers, including Flanagan, mistakenly took her for a suspect causing a disturbance. When the officers took her into custody, the woman claims they shoved her on the hood of their hot police car, causing second degree burns on her face.     

Turns out, we have spoken to Officer Flanagan several times in the past. This is him describing the scene of crash between a bus and a truck.

"You can tell here that the speeds were well in excess of 60 miles an hour at the impact," Officer Flanagan said. 

A second officer who fired shots at Zambrano-Montes is Adam Wright, an 8-year-veteran of the force. We have never talked to Officer Wright on camera but we did discover a story written in the Tri-City Herald in 2011 that said Officer Wright helped a man escape a burning building on Parkview Boulevard.

According to the article, Officer Wright ran inside the burning building and helped a 62-year-old man get out safely. 

The final officer involved in the shooting was Officer Adrian Alaniz. Officer Alaniz is a fairly new member of the Pasco Police force, having worked for 2 years assigned to the Patrol Division.