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Outside Protesters, National Media Head Home; What Can Pasco Community Expect Next?

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PASCO, WA. -- It's almost been a week since Antonio Zambrano-Montes was shot and killed by three Pasco Police officers. 

After a major protest over the weekend, our community is wondering; what happens next. 

The protesters that came to our area from the west side have left. Much of the national media outlets have gone back to their headquarters. So now that some of the national eyes have moved on, what can we expect in the Pasco community? 

Protesters tells us they plan to be out on the street everyday, possibly for months, until they find some sort of justice.

The street outside Vinny's Bakery was quiet Monday afternoon. That doesn't mean it will stay that way. 

"As a community, we want to show that we can do this in a very orderly fashion and a very peaceful way," Fabian Ubay said.

The community made it through the big protest on Saturday without any violence or damage to businesses, although there were some very tense moments created by outsiders. 

"We were able to maintain a very peaceful rally and there was moments that seemed pretty difficult there," Ubay said.

Monday night a crowd will descend upon this scene again for a rosary in honor of Antonio Zambrano-Montes. A rosary is planned every night for the next 9 nights is Mexican tradition, according to organizers.

"It's a Mexican tradition that they get together," Ubay said. "The whole family and the community and pray for the deceased"

Meanwhile, a small group with occupy Tri-Cities plans to remain right here, in front of Pasco City Hall every day. Bertha Coria, one of the protesters, lived next to Zambrano-Montes for nearly a year. 

"He was such a great man," Coria said. "He would always be giving my brother advice, he said hi to everyone, all the neighbors, very friendly."

Coria and the others are looking for what they call justice for Antonio. 

"Oh I will gladly be out here everyday after I finish working," Coria said. "I will gladly be out here everyday until we know that justice has been served."

Time continues to move along as the shooting becomes more and more distant.

"Until we get justice, we're not going to pretty much rest until justice has been served," Ubay said. 

For protesters and community organizers, a flame has been lit. One they say will not extinguish until this is over.