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Ki-Be Motivational Speaker Upgraded To Level Two Sex Offender

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Melissa Salsbury Melissa Salsbury

RICHLAND, WA- Melissa Salsbury has been upgraded from a Level One Sex Offender to a Level Two. Salsbury was convicted previously of advertising, coordinating and arranging sexual encounters between underage females and adult clients.

After recently visiting Ki-Be High School as a "motivational" speaker, her level was raised from one to two. Salsbury is under Department of Corrections and Federal Supervision. Salsbury is restricted from visiting all parks, schools, libraries and their grounds in Benton and Franklin counties.


KENNEWICK, WA- On Wednesday NBC Right Now reported a level one sex offender had recently spoke at Ki-Be High School.

NBC Right Now then talked with Melissa Salsbury on the phone after she ended up back in the Benton County Jail.

Salsbury went by the name "Mia Rose" when she spoke to kids at Kiona Benton High School earlier this week during a motivational speech on bullying, peer pressure and self esteem.

On Tuesday, we got a tip that "Mia Rose" was actually Salsbury, who served a year in jail after she was convicted back in December 2011 for pimping out underage girls.

Salsbury is being held on a "DOC hold sanction" for violating her supervision and going on school grounds without permission.

"I'm trying to make a better name for myself and the town that I sleep in," said Salsbury. 

"Throughout the last couple of years, I've been titled as a sex offender, and a felon. A person who just can't get out of trouble because I am doing the right things. Never, have I, got in trouble for molesting a child, or doing things that a sex offender, what you would think, would do," explained Salsbury.

Unfortunately, NBC Right Now was only given a minute to speak with Salsbury on the phone. She is held on no bail and is expected to have a hearing and be released from the "DOC hold" in the next few weeks.


The full press release has been sent out from Kiona Benton High School.

"On February 17, 2015, an individual who had been invited to speak at a student assembly at Kiona-Benton City High School brought a female associate with him to assist in the presentation. This associate had not been cleared to speak in advance by high school administrators. 

After the fact, it was brought to the attention of District Administration by law enforcement that the associate was a registered sex offender.

The District accepts responsibility for this unfortunate situation and has acted to notify parents via our school reach system (a voice recorded message sent to all high school parents). The full details are contained in a letter to be sent out to the high school's parents tomorrow, informing them of events surrounding the assembly, and steps which the District will be taking in the future to prevent a recurrence. A copy of the letter is attached to this release and is incorporated herein.""February 18, 2015 Dear Kiona-Benton City High School Parents,

I would like to offer my humblest of apologies for a situation that occurred because of an assembly that was at our high school on Tuesday, February 17th.

A couple of months ago I received a phone call from a Ki-Be alumnus who is in the entertainment industry and wanted to give back to his school by having an assembly. He asked if he could have a couple of other artist from his label speak on the following topics: Bullying and Harassment, Never giving up on a goal, importance of graduation and earning a diploma, plus personal stories of their high school experience. We had a couple of conversations and I then set a tentative date for the assembly.

The former student and a friend stopped by the school to check out the facilities for the assembly on February 12th and we finalized the day and time of the assembly. At no time did I suspect an issue with the people. My hope with all assemblies is for students in our building to connect with a presenter and to keep working hard to earn a diploma.

On Tuesday, February 17th I had a previous scheduled appointment in Yakima to be at an educational forum with our congressional representative Dan Newhouse. The assembly was set up and ready to go. When I returned, there were multiple phone calls and messages by police agencies in the Tri-Cities and Yakima. I was informed that one of the speakers, a female (Mia Rose), is a registered sex offender. With that information I called our superintendent and he spoke to our school board.

The decision was made to: 1.) Have a school wide assembly to inform our student body of the situation ASAP of the female's background. I recommended to all students to delete this person (Mia Rose) from Snap Chat, Facebook, Twitter, and her phone number if given. I also encourage you to talk to your student to be sure that all contact with this person is stopped and that these issues are pervasive in our society. 2.) Write this letter to all parents of students in the high school. 3.) Implementation of a new procedure to have background checks on any person who presents any presentation to our student body be it large or small.

Once again, I take full responsibility for the situation and I hope you can accept my apology.


Clay Henry


BENTON COUNTY, WA- Some frightening news about a registered sex offender and Kiona Benton High School students.

NBC Right Now was told that sex offender went to Ki-Be as a motivational speaker on Tuesday.

Melissa Salsbury, who goes by the name "Mia Rose" says she is a model and was part of the "Make Your Mark" motivational presentation.

What the school did not know, is that this woman spent a year in jail for "pimping" out underage girls just a few years ago.

Someone who wants to be named a “concerned citizen” for privacy purposes said, “She is not to be around children.”

Salsbury is a level one sex offender, and still under Department of Corrections supervision. Salsbury is not allowed to be on school grounds without permission.

The school told the “concerned citizen” they, “Talked to a federal deputy and another deputy, I believe a Benton County deputy. They did want to know, if she was alone with anybody and what did she say and what she did.”

Salsbury was sentenced back in December of 2011 for “promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor” and could face other charges.     

“She will be sentenced at some time this month for a federal crime of crossing state lines, to work in Umatilla,” explained the “concerned citizen”.

Salsbury went on school property and speak about peer pressure, overcoming negativity, and self worth without telling her full story.

“If she is a motivational speaker and trying to do good, (she) probably should tell the whole story. Use her real name. If she really wants to make a difference for younger kids, so they don't go down the same path as she does,” explained the “concerned citizen”.

NBC Right Now spoke with Ki-Be Principal Clay Henry who said they had no idea that "Mia Rose" was actually Melissa Salsbury.

Henry said they are sending out a public apology to all the parents as well. From now on, anyone that comes to participate at school events like this will go through a background check.

NBC Right Now reporter Morgan Ashley also spoke with Alphonso Nichols who travels with Salsbury through these motivational speeches. Nichols said she did turn herself into the Benton County Jail on Wednesday in violation of her DOC requirements.