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#STAYSAFE: How to Stay Safe and Healthy at the Gym

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YAKIMA, WA. -- All month long we've been sharing stories with you on how you can keep you and your family safe. The gym can be an intimidating place for almost all of us. 

Here at West Valley Fitness we talked to the trainers about how you can stay safe before, during and even after your workout and they showed us a nice simple workout that we can all do safely to stay in shape. 

It's a place we all know we should visit more often. For those who might be afraid to get started, the Personal Training Director at West Valley Fitness, Foi Malaki says not to worry. 

"It's a great place for any skill level when it comes to fitness," Foi Malaki said. 

First, we asked Foi about dangers at the gym that don't even involved exercise, such as walking out to your car in a dark parking lot. Foi says you can always ask gym employees to walk you out, or have friends help you out. 

"In the gym, the more you come, you make friends, and you can form a buddy system so you can walk out at the same time, work out at the same time," Malaki said. 

Next, there's always the danger of having your belongings stolen. Foi says there's an easy fix that will only cost you a couple dollars. 

"Bring a lock," Malaki said. "Most people walk around with their phones anyway as their music source. But their wallets, purses, things like that, you know we have lockers on hand, just bring a lock."

Of course there's also actually working out. And don't worry if you don't know all the right exercises.

"It's not rocket science, but it's not common sense either," Malaki said. 

Not all of us can work out like Foi does and he says that's OK. In order to stay safe while still getting in a good workout, the key is to not push yourself too hard. 

"Using correct form is always important," Malaki tells us. "That's way more important than pushing big weight or you know, getting a large amount of repetitions in. So if you don't know what you're doing, if you've never done the exercise before, find a professional. All the gyms here have personal trainers."

In fact, Foi says you can do a strenuous workout without ever sitting on a machine or picking up a weight. 

"Body weight is an amazing tool to use," Malaki said. "You know I could show you some of the stuff. You want to do it?"

I took him up on his offer and changed into some workout clothes. Our first exercise was simple, some pushups. Next we did some standing squats to workout our lower body. And finally we threw in something a little bit more complicated, throwing a weighted medicine ball in the air, an exercise that works out the entire body.

And that's it! There are many more body weight exercises to keep you in shape but doing those three for an extended time can give you a good solid workout. Foi says no matter what you're looking to accomplish, just getting in the door is the hardest part. 


"Just get started, just get started really," Malaki said. 

So there you have it, a simple and safe way to work out and keep yourself in shape. Like Foi said, all you have to do is give it a shot.