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#StaySafe What To Do If A Fire Breaks Out In Your Home

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 YAKIMA, WA.- You may not think something like a fire could destroy your life, but a house fire can, and they're all too common.

From January 2006 to June of 2014 Yakima County reported 17 fatalities from home fires.

Firefighters say the majority of home fires they see in Yakima are caused from accidents in the kitchen or heating and electric issues within the home, all things that could easily be avoided.

“I've seen a lot of people lose their homes, I've seen fire deaths and believe it or not, most of them in the high 90's, they are preventable,” Tom Schneider with the Yakima Fire Department told KNDO.

But how do you make sure you're prepared if something like this happens to your family?

Lesley Kezele wishes he had been prepared; he had a small home in Naches next to his parents, but just this past summer he lost everything.

“I said that's my home 9200 block of Naches Heights Road and then I just burst into tears,” Kezele explained as he told us of the tragic fire.

Kezele, a volunteer for the Naches Fire Department, remembers the day he lost his home like it was yesterday.

“We lost everything, there was nothing left, it was a really sad day for us.”

After the fire sparked in the house their was no stopping it the brush around the house caught fire and spread to his fathers home; both homes were destroyed. 

“The things we went through were really sad but I had to have courage so we can move on and now we're on to bigger and better things,” Kezele told KNDO.  

Fortunately for Kezele he didn't lose his life, but having the steps in place to help prevent or survive an experience like his is key.

Firefighters say homes should have smoke detectors in all rooms where people sleep. Test these smoke alarms once month and if any are older than 10 years you should replace them.

You should also have an escape plan ready and tested if a fire does start in your home.