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Independent Autopsy Report on Antonio Zambrano Released

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 Document released by Seattle attorney Charles Herrmann who represents the widow and their two daughters of Antonio Zambrano.

Press Release

Mexican Slain by Pasco Police Shot

Seven Times, Two from Behind

An excerpt from an independent autopsy report was released today by Seattle

attorney Charles Herrmann who represents the widow and their two young

daughters. “Our report differs sharply with statements made by local law

enforcement authorities as to how many times Antonio Zambrano-Montes was

struck by bullets and whether any were on his backside.

In a press briefing yesterday, Kennewick Police Sgt. Ken Lattin, spokesman for the Special

Investigations Unit (SIU) stated that out of a total of 17 rounds fired by three policemen, Zambrano

had been struck 5-6 times, while emphatically making the point that none were on the “back of any

part of his body.”

However, according to attorney Herrmann, the diagram excerpted from the report by Dr. Carl Wigren, the

pathologist performing the second autopsy, reflected that “the body bore as many as 8 entrance wounds,

2 of which were definitely on his backside According to Dr. Wigren's report, one round apparently pierced

his upper right arm to reenter his chest. Another bullet presumably pierced his scrotum, although the

damage there was such that the doctor could not positively identify the wound as a point of entry, it was

a fair assumption. Thus, the report reflects a total of as many as 7 rounds striking Zambrano.”

“The doctor found that the round causing two entrance wounds entered the backside of his upper right

arm. He also identified another entrance wound on his left buttocks where the bullet was apparently

traveling sideways. Thus, contrary to statements made by the police spokesman, the independent autopsy

reflects a total of 2 entrance wounds on the backside of the dead man's body,” Herrmann stated.

The attorney also noted that 3 probes were found and removed from the body reflected at least two Tasers

had been applied, landing in areas where they would have had little effect.

Herrmann, gained an international reputation for his role in representing the families of 89 Korean victims

of the shoot down of Korean Airlines flight KAL 007 by a Soviet MIG in 1983. Since then he has represented

hundreds of victims and their families in multiple air crashes and other mass accident cases, currently

including the tour bus that plummeted off a cliff near Pendleton Oregon in December of 2012 and the more

recent Asiana air crash in San Francisco in the summer of 2013.


The attorney stated that he intends to welcome prominent civil rights attorney George Crump, who

represents Zambrano's parents, to put together a formidable legal team to prosecute the civil case against

the police and city of Pasco. “While I do not know him personally, I've heard nothing but good things about

attorney Crump.”

Herrmann, a former deputy sheriff and prosecuting attorney himself, went on to criticize Sgt. Lattin's

revelation that the SIU investigators had not even interviewed the three police officers who did the

shooting. They should have been interviewed first, while their memories were fresh and without giving

them time to shape their testimony, he opined.

The attorney attended a meeting with U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby, his chief criminal federal prosecutor,

Ainuddin Aine Ahmed and several leaders of the Pasco local Hispanic community chaired by Felix Vargas.

“The meeting was excellent. In response to chairman Vargas' request for the DOJ to become more involved

in the investigation, we were informed that while the FBI has already been actively monitoring reports

from the local SIU, from this point forward all such reports will be sent to the U.S. Attorneys' office in

Spokane, where they will be not only personally reviewed by Mr. Ahmed, but that he will be proactive in

insuring that the investigation is done properly. This welcomed response by U.S. Attorney Ormsby will

greatly enhance the credibility of the investigation,” Herrmann concluded.


Charles Herrmann

Attorneys for the

Zambrano Family