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Overview of Pasco Police Shooting

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PASCO, WA. -- For more than two weeks, we've brought you continuing coverage of the Pasco officer involved shooting. Have you missed something? This is all you need to know to catch up. 

The attention of the nation has been focused on Pasco, with comparisons being drawn to Ferguson, Missouri. After Wednesday's third media briefing from the special investigations unit. We wanted to get you up to speed with everything that we know so far and take a look at how this shooting is affecting the country. 

We know the Special Investigation Unit's investigation could take several months. After the SIU investigation wraps up, there will be a coroner's inquest which is rare, has only happened twice in Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel's 20 year career. An inquest will air all the facts to the public and media in front of a 6-person jury who will make a recommendation to Prosecutor Shawn Sant. 

Some new information from Wednesday, according to Sergeant Ken Lattin of the Kennewick Police Department, three Pasco officers fired a total of 17 shots. According to the SIU, Zambrano was hit 5 or 6 times, none of which hit him in the back.

Here's where there are some discrepancies. According to the second autopsy from a Seattle pathologist., Zambrano had 8 entrance wounds. One in the left buttocks which may have come from the side. 

Thursday afternoon, I talked with Felix Vargas from the Hispanic group Consejo Latino about the second autopsy results. 

"That will make a lot of difference for the family," Vargas said. "But what we're trying to find out, is the truth. What happened? What are the real facts? I'm glad that there are a second set of eyes on this also to make us here in the community see the full, more comprehensive report. So I think it's positive."

A lot of people have drawn comparisons to Ferguson. A New York Times headline reads, "Killing in Washington State Offers 'Ferguson' Moment for Hispanics."

So we went back to compare the two situations. First, there was no video in the Ferguson shooting, in Pasco, video of the shooting has been viewed almost 2 million times on Youtube. Second, the protests have been very different. In Ferguson they were violent, so far in Pasco, things have stayed peaceful. And finally there was no Special Investigation Unit in Ferguson or a coroner's inquest. It was all done by a grand jury. So there are some very distinct differences. 

We wanted to show you how the Pasco shooting is creating an impact. The Associated Press reported that there is now a bill in the Washington legislature that would try to make it possible for Washington police to wear body cameras.

One of the problems in the past have been the "liberal" public disclosure laws in our state that would make it virtually impossible to have funding to store and possibly release hundreds if not thousands of hours of video requested through public disclosure. 

That bill could be voted on sometime this year.