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Car Thieves Take Off With Boy's First Birthday Toys

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- The Kennewick Police Department says they have no suspects as they investigate a string of car thefts and break-ins that happened on Sunday. For one family, they're more worried about what was in their car when it was taken.

Imagine it's your son's first birthday party. All your family is over to celebrate and all your son's first gifts are in your trunk. But when you go outside to get the toys out of your car, it's gone.

That's exactly what happened to Gerardo Fernandez in driveway on Morain Street Sunday night.

His black Honda Civic was sitting in his driveway. Plenty of family members were around at the party when the thieves stole the car and drove off with all the toys for his son Noah in the trunk.

Gerardo says he doesn't even care that much about the car, he just wants the toys and the birthday cards back. 

"It's not a good feeling man," Fernandez said. "It's just something that people bought for him for his birthday. And even letters, like they wrote letters to him, something we could have reminded him about when he was older."

Kennewick Police say there were two other Honda car thefts and three car break ins all in the same area, around the same time on Sunday. They believe the people who did this were using shaved keys. Meaning the suspects used a stock Honda key, shaved down the grooves and then used it on the cars. 

So far, two of the stolen cars have been returned to their owners, but Gerardo still hasn't gotten his Civic back.