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Red Cross Real Heroes: Animal Rescue

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RICHLAND, WA- As part of honoring the 13th Annual Red Cross Real Heroes awards, Teri McCann was chosen to receive the award for Animal Rescue.

McCann was nominated by Denisse Sams, who is also a fellow pet rescuer, and said McCann rescues animals, every single day.

When NBC Right Now asked Sams how many foster's McCann has helped she said, "No, a lot. Definitely can't estimate, nope."

McCann has fostered 118 animals in her home, within the last five years.

"I think when we're born, there's something that we're all suppose to do, and I think I knew as a kid, that I have a connection with four leggeds and whether it's warm blooded or cold blooded," explained McCann.

She said rescuing has saved her life. She remembers one of the first times she rescued, her and her son were parked in the Walkers Furniture parking lot while McCann tried to help an injured German Shepard.

"I sat in the middle of the road, with a bleeding white German Shepard, in heels and in a dress.. That was white," McCann shared.

Or the time her and Sams, went to animal control to walk dogs in their free time. As they approached the small animal room, an older dog was sitting in front of them, blind.

"So Teri said, I don't care what we're gonna do, but we're gonna get him outta here today. So she was like, "I'll take him home, I don't have room, but I will do it," said Sams.

Eventually, fostering hopefully can turn into a forever home and that's what happened when McCann got Abby and a full litter of puppies.

Abby was found, "In the dirt, in the mud, in the middle of winter. She had nine puppies, she got pregnant on a chain, had nine puppies on the chain, in the mud, in the cold," said McCann.

Sams explained she has learned to speak up, and become a "go-getter", all because of McCann. With the undocumented amount of hours, outside her daytime job, McCann rescues pets all over the Tri-Cities, and that's why she is a Red Cross Real Hero.

"It's really hard work, when they come in and they have no hope and they're broken. It's hard, but then you see that family, and their so happy. Because, not only did they save a life, but they helped a broken pup," McCann explained in tears.
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