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Witness Sees Police Arrest Husband who Kidnapped Wife

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The witness saw the Paul Gross get arrested at Kennewick Suites. The witness saw the Paul Gross get arrested at Kennewick Suites.
KENNEWICK, WA- 22-year-old Samantha Noethe, the woman kidnapped by her husband, 31-year-old Paul Gross, in a Winco parking lot Thursday morning, was safely found, while Gross has been arrested.

Thursday morning just before 7 a.m., Kennewick police respond to an incident in the WinCo parking lot on Clearwater Avenue.  The store's surveillance cameras showed 22-year-old Samantha Noethe's black BMW pulling up.  Moments later, a car pulled up beside her, and then another one in front of her.  Noethe tried to back out, but was boxed in.

Noethe hit several cars and even the store.  The cameras then showed her husband, 38-year-old Paul Gross, pulling her out the car and into his.

Later Thursday evening, officers search two locations they believed Noethe might be, but she was not there.

Friday morning police showed up at the Kennewick Suites on North Johnson Street.

A worker at the hotel witnessed the entire incident, including the man police are searching for, Gross, walking outside the building.

"He came around and I didn't see any police cars at that time.  I noticed that he looked very familiar from what I saw this morning on the news," said the witness.

Gross walked on the side of the pool in the grass and seconds later, the witness saw at least 10 to 15 police cars.

"It was quite crazy, especially seeing all the police officers so fast, not knowing who this person was," said the witness.

Officers quickly arrested Gross.

"He lied down on the ground right here.  The police officers took him and handcuffed him.  He put up no fight whatsoever," said the witness.

Officers asked to go inside the hotel room Noethe is in.  The witness said he saw her come out.  She looked like she was safe, but a little banged up.  Police said her injuries were from the incident with the cars in the WinCo parking lot. 

The witness said he was just glad officers were able to peacefully handle the situation.

"Police officers have been very good at helping us take care of things here.  We have a family-owned hotel and it's the way we want,” said the witness.

The hotel reported Gross checked in the room Thursday night.  

Gross was booked in the Benton County Jail for unlawful imprisonment and assault domestic violence. 

Police are still investigating the motive behind the incident.