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LARPing Adventures in the Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, WA -  If RPG, World of Warcraft, and other role playing games interest you then maybe you should try LARPing. 

We caught up with some fantasy game enthusiasts who take their imaginations to local parks in the Tri-Cities on the weekends.

Here's what they say about LARPing in the area:

"Today we've organized a very large castle siege. We have about 50 people or so here as well as five different LARP groups. We do boffer fighting which is as you can see the foam covered weapons for medieval combat. We always try to do different types of games so we can keep it fresh, so we can keep people interested. We've never done a castle siege that's something that we've always wanted to do. We've done in imitation of that before with battle of the bridge where you have basically a choke-point but this one there's actually made walls that we constructed. There goes the horn of Gondor. Our rules are very simple has to obviously be a safe weapon which means it has to have an inch or more of closed cell foam. Which is the blue camping pad. If it's a projectile or something that you would throw it has to be squishy like this.  It also cannot enter youreye sockett as for that we have no melee such as no punching or grappling. Some groups do that, ours does not, we have very basic rules have stood very well and very very rarely do we have an occurrence were somebody gets hurt," says Shawn Griffith with TC LARP.
"It's a lot of fun my son will dress up and he's looking at himself in the mirror and and he feels great about himself. You know, you can't buy that. They don't have it on Amazon. This is just part of who I am. I have a 20 sided dice tattooed on the back of my hand that's how deep it goes for me," says Luke Ray, TC Jugger 

"We try to do a mid evil generalized like this is fantasy and when you dress up for that you feel like you're in the part something. Very simple like this is just a red shirt cut with a V it looks like a tunic because I'm wearing a belt. Very simple stuff you can do we have other people like I'm sure you've seen the knight running around and he's got full plate mail and people love it," Griffith says. 

"We are trying to go on an adventure together. We're trying to enter this fantasy world a completely different world than the one we live in and what we live every day. What I do is make sure that everybody has fun by writing up a good story so people get to run into stuff like goblins, tollman, and trolls and go on a true adventure and have a quest-line and allows people to be able to develop their characters and make sure that they can enter this world fully that we've created and become that character," says DJ Couch from Columbia Basin LARP.

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