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How Much Paid Administrative Leave is Costing City of Pasco During Shooting Investigation

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PASCO, WA. -- It has been one full month since three Pasco Police Officers shot and killed Antonio Zambrano. 

It has also been one month since the Special Investigative Unit started the investigation into the incident. And one month of paid administrative leave for those three officers. 

We know now how much that first month of administrative leave is costing the City of Pasco. 

It has cost about $6,000 per officer totaling $18,000 paid out by the City of Pasco so far. 

While on paid administrative leave, the three officers are allowed to come to the Pasco Police Department headquarters and even communicate with their co-workers. But they are not allowed to talk about the shooting or the on-going investigation with anyone but their lawyers. 

We sat down with Pasco Police Captain Ken Roske who explained why paid administrative leave is so important for on-going investigations. 

"That's part of the process," Captain Roske said. "It's part of the protocol that's in place and we're certainly going to follow that to ensure the integrity of the investigation. Public safety is not jeopardized." 

Two of the officers were on patrol during the day shift and one was working the afternoon shift. 

Captain Roske said to fill that gap they have simply shifted the schedule of other officers around. They are used to dealing with people out for vacations, injuries or other reasons. So they haven't had to work overtime or hire anyone else to fill the void. 

Captain Roske told us that the protocols are in place because they have worked in the past and they will continue to follow them as this investigations goes on.