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How Much the Coroner's Inquest Into Pasco Shooting Will Cost and When it Will Start

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PASCO, WA. -- We have more details Tuesday about the future coroners inquest into the Pasco Police shooting, that left Antonio Zambrano dead.

We now know how long this upcoming inquest will take, when it will get started, and how much it's expected to cost. 

We are now just under two months away from Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel's Coroner's Inquest. Blasdel hopes to have the jury picked and seated by May 1st in preparation for a two week process that could cost the county an estimated $10,000. 

By now, the viral video of the shooting has most likely been seen by every possible juror. Blasdel says picking jurors that are unbiased from the beginning will be a challenge. 

"It's OK if they have an opinion coming in," Blasdel said. "But if they have already made up their mind coming in, then that's a problem. Then they're biased."

The most important part to Blasdel is the end result of the inquest. 

"Let the jury decide if it was justified or not," Blasdel said. 

But the final decision isn't the jurors to make. That will be decided by Prosecutor Sean Sant. We asked him how he plans to handle the decision from the inquest. 

"If the jury decided one way or another, will I follow that?" Sant asked. "Well I can't make that decision because I haven't seen all the facts."

Still others don't even think this process is necessary. Like attorney George Trejo who represents the estranged wife and kids of Antonio Zambrano. 

"Why are we having an inquest?" Trejo asked. "Is this just the means by which Mr. Sant is searching for a way out of charging these officers? I would certainly hope it's not."

The countdown to the inquest continues with all interested parties keeping a close eye on the outcome. 

Prosecutor Sant said even he isn't getting any updates on the Special Investigation Unit's on-going investigation. Sant believe possibly the most important part of this process will be the public airing of all the facts during the inquest.