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Tips for Drivers and Cyclists to Keep Everyone Safe

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Motor vehicle drivers play an active role in keeping cyclists safe. Motor vehicle drivers play an active role in keeping cyclists safe.
KENNEWICK, WA- As temperatures start warming up, there may be more and more people doing outdoor activities like bike riding, but safety experts warn drivers and riders to stay safe.

 The danger and threat that cyclists could be injured can increase, but some advice for those cyclists can keep everyone a little safer out there.  There are also tips for drivers as well

“The thing people can do mostly being safe is making they're always wearing a helmet, making sure they are wearing clothing that's appropriate for safety, bright colors and things people can use," said Patrol Officer Remie Rees, Kennewick Police Department.

Those are just some of the basics a lot of riders know to do, but there is more riders can do.  Some families chose to ride in places like Columbia Park.

"That's why we decided to pick here because they actually have a trail for bicycles so we could stay out of the cars ways,” said Stephany Farias, cyclist. 

Riders should still be careful.  There are other bikes, joggers, dogs, and others that have to use the paths too.

Cyclists have to use extra caution when riding near cars.

"Bicyclists fair best when they behave and drive as if they're a vehicle," said Mike Watkins, Certified Cycling Instructor, RoundAbout Cycling.

Obeying the rules of the road is key.  There is also a move called “scanning” that cyclists should do that catches drivers' eyes.

"When you turn around and glance, the motorists usually take note of that and they pay more attention to you," said Watkins.

Before cyclists begin to ride, they need to inspect their bike.  Watkins calls the inspection “A B C Quick Check.”  The “A” stands for air; check the level of air in the tires.  “B” stands for brakes; make sure the brakes are functioning.  “C” stands for chain and crank; make sure neither are lose.  “Quick” means to make sure the wheel is secure.  Lastly, do a final check of the entire bicycle.

Nearly half of bicycle accidents are single bike accidents.  Watkins suggests that drivers give cyclists at least three feet of space if they can.  Overall, both drivers and cyclist should stay aware of their surroundings.

For more information on safety tips and even some classes you can take, here is a link to the organization, “RoundAbout Cycling,” that specializes in bicycle repair, instruction, and consulting.  Other Links:  ABC Quick Check   Cycling Instructors in Training    Smart Cycling Program