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Hermiston Homicide Victim's Family Speaks Out as Investigators Make Breakthrough

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UMATILLA, WA. --  It's been nearly three weeks since 23-year old Alonso Madrigal was shot and killed in Hermiston. So far, police have made no arrests but investigators believe they may have made a breakthrough in the case. 

Alonso Madrigal's friends and family say he was a caring and loving man with two young kids. And the pain they feel now that he is gone, is something that will never go away. 

It's a flame that has burned every day since March 5th, the day Alonso Madrigal was taken from this Earth. For his sister, Nancy, the pain is constant. 

"I feel like it's just a big nightmare," Nancy Coria said. "And if I go to sleep and wake up, it's all going to be gone in the morning, and everything is going to be OK."

Nancy remembers her brother as a man who loved hunting and the outdoors. A man who was in the process of applying to serve his country in the Army.

For Nancy, the most difficult part is dealing with Alonso's two children left behind, Andre who's four and Adrial who's three years old; both who love Spiderman. 

"I took the little one to the cemetery with me and the whole time he was just looking down and he was looking at his shoes and he said, 'Daddy bought me these shoes," Coria said. "And it just broke my heart. It's like he knows and he's three. But he knows that his dad is gone."

On Wednesday, the Hermiston Police made a breakthrough, locating a car in the Los Angeles area that they think could have been involved in the shooting. Over the weekend, a Hermiston Police Officer flew down to the area to help crime lab officials process the vehicle. 

Nancy says Alonso has never been involved in gangs, something the Hermiston Police agree with. They think the shooter was a gang member. According to Nancy, Alonso was receiving threats for talking to a gang member's ex-girlfriend. 


"And they told him if they ever see you with her again, that they were going to shoot him or they were going to kill him," Coria said.

All they can do, is put their trust in god that whoever did this, will be brought to justice. 

"I don't want revenge," Iris Ruiz, Alonso's friend said. "I just want justice. And I just want this crime to be solved. Because he didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve any of this."

Until that time comes, the flame burns. One that will never be extinguished inside Alonso's friends and family.

Nancy and the rest of Alonso's friends and family members are encouraged by the progress of the investigation. But they believe there are people out there that know what happened to Alonso.

If you have any information, please call the Hermiston Police.



HERMISTON, OR - Members of the Umatilla-Morrow County Major Crime Team continue to investigate the killing of 23-year-old Alonso Madrigal. 

Police say on Sunday March 22nd, 2015 the Hermiston Police Department flew a The Hermiston Police Department detective and  captain to the Los Angeles, California area to assist and oversee the California crime lab officials with the processing of a vehicle they believe was involved during the night of the homicide

The vehicle was seized on March 18th after detectives from Hermiston contacted detectives in California asking for help in finding the vehicle, police said.

HPD are still asking anyone with information about the murder of Alonso to contact Captain Travis Eynon @ 541-667-5103.