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Local Family Sues Richland School District for Sledding Accident on Carmichael Hill in 2012

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RICHLAND, WA. -- A local family is suing the Richland School District for a sledding accident that severely injured a boy, back in 2012.

Kids and sometimes even parents have been sledding down the hill at Carmichael Middle School for decades in Richland.

In 2012, a ten-year-old boy was sledding in icy conditions, lost control and slammed into the cinder block baseball dugout at the bottom. The lawsuit claims the boy suffered severe injuries including a concussion, broken teeth and liver lacerations. As a result, he started taking special education classes.

The lawsuit claims the school district should be held accountable for not putting up a barrier near the dugout. We talked to parents in Richland about the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon.

"I don't think the school district should be accountable for it," Michele Heiman said. "It's on your own risk, sledding anywhere. If you get hurt, you get hurt."

"It's unfortunate that the accident happened, certainly," Sarah Landon, a Richland mother said. "I just don't think that Richland schools should be responsible for covering the financial aspect. I feel like they go above and beyond to make their schools and their campuses safe."

"I think that a lot of times the kids need to learn basic common sense," Matt Richardson, a West Richland father said. "That thing has been there since I as a kid which is in the 80's."

The lawsuit does not specify how much money the family is seeking.

We reached out to the Richland School District, but as they are on spring break, we did not get a call back. The administration has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit.