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Krispy Kreme Grand Opening Provides Fun Experience More than Just the Donuts

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RICHLAND, WA. -- Krispy Kreme donuts is now open for the first time in the Tri-Cities. With one final countdown, the first Krispy Kreme in the Tri-Cities opened it's doors.     

And for the first time we heard this: 

"Welcome to Krispy Kreme. How can I help you?" one employee asked. 

Sweet music to the ears, at least for 14-year-old Evan Smith it is. You're about to watch him try his first-ever Krispy Kreme. 

"Oh my gosh," Evan said in between bites. "Mmmmm. That's crazy. That's so good."

For Makenna Richards, who was first in line and started camping outside the store on Sunday, this experience was a different kind of first. 

"Me and my little brother have always wanted to do a sibling overnight type of thing and when Krispy Kreme was opening we're like, 'oh! What an opportunity.'" she said. "They brought in like a game bus last night and they also had a DJ last night that was super fun. It's been a lot of fun."

Owner Crystal Carroll, who also owns the local frozen yogurt chain, My Fro-Yo, hopes the great experiences keep rolling in for her customers. 

"We're just really excited," Carroll said. "We're excited to bring Krispy Kreme to the Tri-Cities and just offering a sweet treat for everybody."

But definitely not nearly as excited as Evan. That's for sure. 

"Was it everything you ever hoped it would be?" we asked. 

"And more!" Evan exclaimed. "This is the best moment of my whole life, hands down."

There was some motivation to camp out and get to the front of the first Krispy Kreme line, the first 150 people got this t-shirt. The first 100 got a free Krispy Kreme dozen every month for a year.

And the very first person in line, Makenna, well she got a free dozen donuts every week for a year. 



RICHLAND, WA -  It's been a long wait, but Krispy Kreme is finally about to open its doors in Richland. There are already quite a few tents set up around the building to be some of the first people inside, and Krispy Kreme is offering some incentives for the first 100 people in line. 

The first person in line will get a free dozen doughnuts every week for a year and the next 99 will get a free dozen every month.
"It's kinda of like the lottery. You always know that somebody is going to win, but you're not really expecting to win.  We wanted to be in the top 100. That was our goal so we could get some free doughnuts, but we saw there was a position for 1st and we went for it," says Colby and Makenna Richards, first in line. 

Krispy Kreme officially opens at 6 a.m. Tuesday in Richland.