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Spokane PD Says They Have Evidence of More Sex Crimes Committed by Former Pasco Officer

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Press conference on Richard Aguirre murder charges Press conference on Richard Aguirre murder charges
Richard Aguirre arrested for Spokane Homocide Richard Aguirre arrested for Spokane Homocide

SPOKANE, WA. -- Former Pasco Police Officer Richard Aguirre made his first appearance in Spokane County Court Wednesday afternoon to face murder charges. But before that, Spokane Police held an interesting press conference, with details about other crimes Aguirre may have committed.

Not only is Richard Aguirre charged with murder and rape, but Spokane Police announced in another press conference Wednesday morning that they have evidence of more sexual crimes they believe Aguirre committed. 

This is a statement rarely spoken about an officer of the law: 

"We have been able to establish probably to cause to believe that Mr. Aguirre killed Ruby Doss," Captain Eric Olsen of the Spokane Police Department said.

Court documents reveal details of what investigators have uncovered so far in the 1986 murder of a known prostitute, named Ruby Doss. Two retired Spokane officers say it appeared that Doss tried to fight back against her attacker with a steak knife before trying to escape. The murderer overpowered Doss and knocked her unconscious with a blunt object before choking her to death.

DNA from a condom found at the scene matched with Aguirre's DNA. Also in the court documents, Aguirre's lifelong friend Lawrence Cole says after a night of drinking Aguirre admitted to Cole that he hit a woman in the head and choked her. But when he walked away he thought she was still moving.


On the final page of the documents, the detective says that during his initial contact with Aguirre, he did not deny killing Doss. And now, Spokane Police say they have evidence of other sex crimes Aguirre may have committed like voyeurism and rape. 

"There are multiple unidentified victims that have been recorded during sex acts that we are trying to identify as potential victims," Capt. Olsen said. "These victims may have been recorded without their knowledge."

We sat down with Aguirre's lawyer Scott Johnson Wednesday evening after Aguirre's first court appearance in front of a Spokane County Judge. Johnson says he isn't impressed with the evidence he's seen so far. 

"He's said from the very beginning, he did not commit this crime," Johnson said. "And to this day he maintains he did not commit this crime."

He also questions the way Spokane Police have held a press conference for charges they've yet to bring against his client. 

"Mr. Aguirre knows what videos he does and doesn't have," Johnson said. "And I can tell you with confidence that I anticipate absolutely no other charges coming from any video. Anything that was on the videos certainly wasn't criminal, it was consensual."

Another day where the plot in this bizarre case has thickened. 

Johnson also told us that he expects Aguirre to post bail sometime in the next 48 hours. 

Spokane detectives are again asking anyone who believes they may have been assaulted by Aguirre to come forward. You can reach their Major Crimes Detectives by calling 509 622-5849.



PASCO, WA - At a news conference this morning, Spokane Police Captain Eric Olsen revealed new details about their investigation into former Pasco Police officer Richard Aguirre.  Capt. Olsen said detectives believe there are many more victims out there they hope will come forward.   

Investigators say they've interviewed multiple witnesses and acquaintances of Aguirre, including some of his family members. 

Spokane Police served multiple search warrants in Franklin County before arresting Aguirre Tuesday for the murder of Ruby Doss back in 1986. 

Today police said they've also found a large amount of evidence to charge Aguirre with voyeurism and rape, including a large number of recordings of victims they're still trying to identify.  

Aguirre also faces a charge of 3rd Degree Rape in Franklin County.  

 Aguirre is scheduled to appear in a Spokane County courtroom this afternoon.