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The Push for Teens to Stop Vaping

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YAKIMA, WA - The Snohomish health district in Everett has proposed the banning of selling non-tobacco vaping products to minors. But if a proposal like this goes into effect, what influence will that have statewide?

Vaping is a big industry now a days... And here in Yakima that's no exception. People under the age of eighteen have taken to the trend like many adults have. Several establishments have taken it into their own hands keep them away from minors.

Vaping has become a popular trend... Even for a younger crowd.

"It is a problem. We have students who bring vape pens or e-cigarettes and that's not allowed in school... so we deal with it in different matters depending what's in the vape pen" says Eisenhower High School principal Jewel Brumley.

Schools and vape shops alike see the danger in giving kids access to vape devices and are trying to keep minors from using.

Local business owner and vaping enthusiast Carrie Bertrand is also in support of keeping vaping in away from minors. "This is a policy we mandated on our own. We believe strongly that 18 year-olds should not be making the decision whether or not they should be vaping or having any products related to nicotine." says Bertrand

It's longterm effects are unknown. The only sure fire thing proven about vaping is potential nicotine addiction.

"Nicotine is an addictive substance. Anyone who engages in vaping or cigarette smoking can become addicted." says Chris Spitters of the Yakima Health District. “...There's a high chance they can become users, nicotine addicted and that can pose long term health problems."

For many vape pen users, vaping poses an alternative to smoking, allowing the user to ween them self off of nicotine. But the exposure of nicotine used in vape products can addict the user, something younger users are more easily inclined to.

With only the proof of nicotine effects and the FDA still conducting research on vaping, the message for minors to avoid using vape devices is clear.

Vaping has been an ongoing issue in schools and for younger people for a while. Studies from 2012 through 2014 showed a fourteen percent increase of tenth graders in the state of Washington who used vape products. Although there is no law that keeps minors from using vape pens, many vendors will still not sell to anyone under the age of eighteen.