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Local Families Honor The Memory of Babies Taken Too Soon

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- Imagine losing your baby before you can even celebrate it's 1st birthday. That's a nightmare some parents have to endure.

Mothers, fathers and other family members gathered to remember the lives of babies lost before, during or right after they were born.

Jennifer Parks would tell you her greatest joy and biggest heartbreak has been centered around the same thing, her children. She obviously knows the joy and frustration of having two young boys. But what you don't see is who isn't here. 

"In 2010 I was pregnant with my second child," Parks said. "It was a daughter. At 22 weeks and 5 days, I went to a routine appointment and found out her heart was no longer beating. We named her Paige. her name is Paige Marie Parks. Her birthday was August 2nd, 2010. She came into the world at 3:53PM. I held her for hours after she was born and kissed her and loved her. She was mine, she was my daughter."

But for Jennifer who has an entire wall dedicated to Paige and even sponsored a well in Uganda in her honor, she doesn't avoid talking about her toughest loss.

"Her life mattered to me and she affected me on the deepest level, and I just want to somehow give back to the world for the goodness she gave me," Parks said. 

In that spirit, Kadlec's "Our Little Lambs" Program volunteers set up the Richland Community Center Wednesday so family members who have lost babies like Jennifer can celebrate their babies short lives. 

"It may sound odd or seem weird to people, but we celebrate the lives that were lost and we celebrate with cupcakes," Aggie Mowry said. 

And Jennifer, who volunteers with the Our Little Lambs program regularly, knows from personal experience how important it is to not forget the children who came and left their mother's lives so quickly. 

"I love talking about her actually," Parks told us. "My daughter is just someone that is in my heart every day and she's a part of my family even though she isn't here and it just makes me feel closer to her to talk about her."

Thursday, October 15th, is actually infant and pregnancy loss awareness day.