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Standoff Leads to Apartment Evacuation, Ends in Arrest in Yakima

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YAKIMA, WA - You may have woken up this morning to an NBC Right Now push alert about a standoff in Yakima.

The FBI was carrying out a search warrant, looking for guns, when 26-year-old Israel Garcia barricaded himself in an apartment with his girlfriend and 2-year-old daughter.

The 3-hour standoff started before 5 a.m. and shortly after, police officers ordered everyone who lives here at Bayhill Estates bayhill to get up and get out as quickly as possible.  

We talked with some of those people as they were making their way back home, following an ordeal that had them fearing for their lives.

"I didn't even want to come out when I heard that there were a bunch of guns involved and we needed to leave," says Martha Torrico as she tells us what happened this morning. She and 30 others gathered what she could carry and followed officers across the street to the Yakima Regional Medical Center parking lot. 

"It was pretty scary. Besides my 4-year-old, my kids couldn't walk. I grabbed my dog because when there's people, he comes to the window and I didn't want shots to fly at him," said Torrico. 

A woman who lives across from apartment 3B, where Israel Garcia was barricaded tells us she was shocked to see so many police outside her home.

"I heard them knocking on the door and they said 'yakima police.' I was thinking the worst and quickly woke up my husband because it sounded serious."

Garcia's neighbor tells us she was woken up to police yelling his name, ordering him to come out. 

"I heard them yelling at Israel to come out when police had just gotten here before 5 a.m."

Before officers arrested Garcia, he tried to run. Yakima Police say his refusal to cooperate put them on high alert. 

"That's why we had to evacuate the apartment complex and block off streets. It was a serious situation. Thankfully it ended peacefully," said Mike Bastinelli, Public Information Officer for the Yakima Police Department. 

The Yakima Police Department tells us at least one weapon was found inside the apartment. Possible charges include possession of an illegal firearm and also felony harassment. He will not face kidnapping charges because he did not hold his girlfriend against her will.