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WA Traffic Safety Commission Funds Statewide Effort to Crackdown on Distracted Driving

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YAKIMA, WA - You might have heard the Washington Traffic Safety Commission is giving extra money to departments across the state to crackdown on distracted driving. We spoke with Washington State Patrol in Yakima to find out what kind of distractions are keeping people from focusing on the road. 

It turns out it's not just cell phones distracting drivers. People are doing their makeup, eating while driving and even reading. Depending on the violation, you can be looking at a minimum fine of $135. And while most people associate distracted driving with teenagers or young adults, Lieutenant Kiley Conaway says that's not always the case. 

"It's not just the teenagers  that are texting and driving. I've seen adults that are also talking on their cell phones while they're going down the road. Again, just please focus on driving and get to where you're going safely," said Lt. Conaway. 

Some ways to prevent distracted driving include turning off or muting your electronic devices. You can also try putting them away in your bag and placing your bag in the backseat or inside the trunk of your car. And if it simply can't wait, pull over.