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Local High School Athletic Programs Weigh In On Recent Player Deaths Across The Country

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YAKIMA, WA.- The death of a Texas high school football player on the field last week has stirred up concern across the country, is football safe for our kids?


So far this year six high school players have died while on the field but, considering the average per season is three deaths, the numbers are somewhat alarming.

Davis High School Athletic Trainer, Noel Cisneros, weighed in on the situation,"It's alarming whether it's one or how ever many, it's alarming," and Head Coach Rick Clark told us it's unusual to this this many deaths, "It's usually one or two deaths a year related to football, so yes six is a little high."


However what many people have failed to take into consideration is how these deaths happened, many assume concussions or head injuries are the cause.

"I think people jump to conclusions when it comes to football. There are always going to be those people either they are well informed or they're not," Clark explained.


Of the six deaths this year only three were directly related to head and neck injuries, two of them were caused by unrelated medical conditions, and the most recent death is the result of a brain aneurysm.


Regardless of how these deaths were caused, Davis High School's Athletic Program takes safety seriously, in fact they require frequent medical checks on all athletes, an athletic trainer at every game, and all coaches to be certified in CPR.

"We really do try to educate all students, parents, and coaches on recognizing some of the symptoms of a concussion or minor traumatic brain injury," Cisneros said.


Even with these precautions, Cisneros says he's seen some kids give up the sport, "I have a couple students that have stopped playing, because they are concerned about their health. Life is more than sports, sports are fun, but we take their health and well being above all things."


The Davis Athletic Program says they're always willing to speak to parents with questions or concerns, for contact information you can follow this link, http://bit.ly/1RmL1Ji.