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Yakima Celebrates "Back to the Future Day" with Deloreans and Film Screenings of the 1989 Classic

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YAKIMA, WA.- People all over the country are lining up at local theaters to re-watch the classic 1989 movie Back to the Futures and celebrate "Back to the Future Day".  


For a couple in Prosser this day couldn't come soon enough, they own two of the iconic Deloreans from the films. If you speak with Lynn and Christine Boast they'll surprisingly tell you they didn't buy these cars as a keepsake from the film, they're actually just avid car collectors.


They say they love the style of the cars and they've taken both of them all across the country, traveling to the East coast, down to Arizona, and even as far as Florida. It once took them an hour and a half just to leave a hotel they were staying at, because people were swarming around the cars just trying to take a picture.

"I lost track of how many dozens of pictures were taken, with people stopping at stop signs, getting out of their cars, taking pictures, and one man stopped, went home, got his son, and came back to take more picture," Lynn Boast said.


The couple purchased the cars in 2004 and 2008 and say they've never been restored, they've just kept them in pristine condition all these years.


In honor of "Back to the Future Day" Lynn and Christine brought their Deloreans right here to Yakima, they had the cars parked outside the Orion and Majestic Theatres during their showings of Back to the Future.

That wasn't the only celebration on Wednesday, Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley, said he was officially dubbing the city, Hill Valley for the day, in honor of the celebrations.

"This was an iconic movie, everyone knows it. It's kind of a neat thing to just be able to say Yakima is Hill Valley for the day, we have all the hills around us and just to think that this movie that was released in 1989 is here on this date," Mayor Cawley said.

We even have some similarities to Hill Valley, right down to the old clock tower that used to stand outside the Larson Building on Yakima Avenue. It's been moved since then, it now stands on Summitview Avenue, but it's a fun reminder of the iconic film.