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HOT CLICKS: Dancing Owl. Amazing Kitten Rescue

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HOT CLICKS: A dancing owl is getting a lot of love from the internet.

The owl is sitting next to a stuffed electronic owl friend and occasionally looks over to copy his dance moves.

Watch Oakley and friend bust a move to the Halloween song, The Monster Mash!


Plus, amazing rescues never get old.

A woman on a motorcycle captured the moments as a tiny kitten drops from under a car and ends up in the middle of a busy intersection.

The woman, who is recording the whole thing on a helmet cam, pulls into the middle of the intersection to stop traffic and jumps off her motorcycle to pick up the frightened kitten.

She runs over and hands him to a bystander then grabs her bike and meets the bystander and the kitten.

Well, it turns out the kitty was just four weeks old but was okay.

She kept him and now calls him Skidmark.