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Tow Truck Driver Worries for Safety When Drivers Disobey "Move Over" Law

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RICHLAND, WA. -- You could get a $214 ticket if you don't move over when emergency vehicles are on the side of the road. But did you know the law covers much more than just law enforcement?

Where I'm standing right now, this is what tow truck drivers call the kill zone. The problem? Cars like that, who drive by and don't move over, especially when tow truck driver's lights are on.

"I end up running for my life more often than I want to," Scott Barnett said.

Scott Barnett has owned P&K Towing in Richland for the last 12 years. Every day he goes out, he sees this. 

And sure enough, we set up on Highway 240 and car, after car, after car zoomed by in the right lane. 

"If we're over there working and we turn our backs for a second, that could be the last second we turn our backs you know what I am mean?" Barnett said.

The move over law isn't just for law enforcement officers. It's tow truck drivers, firemen, work crews, and any car with flashing lights. And when you can't pull over, you have to slow down. 

But Scott knows that people either don't know or don't care about the move over law. And he's extra cautious for his family back home. 

"We all have families," Barnett said. "Every tow truck driver, operator, out here. Most of us have kids, wives. this is our job, we support our families through this job."

For a guy who works just feet away from cars traveling the length of a football field every 3 seconds, Scott wishes drivers would watch the road, more than they watch their cell phones.

"It is a scary place to be," Barnett said. "And if you notice, I'm not even looking at you, I'm watching traffic because I don't trust people. It's kind of frightening."

Someday, a simple lane change may save Scott's life. 

Since we've been standing here, we've had at least a couple dozen cars like that one and that one who haven't slowed down or haven't pulled over and that's what tow truck drivers say is the problem.

They just want everyone to know, please pull over for your safety and theirs