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Police Arrest Notorious Tri-Cities Burglar in Kennewick

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Burglar arrested in Kennewick Burglar arrested in Kennewick


KENNEWICK, WA- NBC Right Now is uncovering a disturbing trend for one man in the Tri-Cities you will want to know about.

Police arrested 33-year-old David Tobias Junior on Tuesday while conducting a search warrant on the 500 Block of West 28th Avenue in Kennewick. On Wednesday, we requested court documents from previous arrests and convictions in similar crimes. 

This time around Kennewick police say Tobias, who has also gone by "David Gomez", has hit at least 10 homes in Richland, West Richland and Kennewick in the last few years. He's allegedly stole everything from pricey electronics to home décor, like paintings and pictures. Previous court documents show he has been charged and convicted of similar crimes, as well as ID theft, possession of a stolen car and harassment. Our records show an attempted burglary arrest out of Finley, on top of all that.

"I turned the corner and was like, "Oh, what are they doing?" said Kristen Crippen, as police searched the home on Tuesday while she walked her dog down the street. "You know, I looked out my window, then a police car came by with like six more officers behind it. I was like wigging out, oh my gosh," explained Cindy Kramer, who lives next door to where Tobias was found.

A search warrant brought detectives to the West 28th Avenue home, which stems from a residential burglary case out of Franklin County. KPD detectives have been working their case in Benton County for weeks.

"It was more surprising just because we are not used to a high police presence in this little neighborhood, it is mainly families and retired people," said Crippen. Stolen items police found inside allegedly date back to missing reports from a few years ago. 

"When they started moving in, he was coming over with his truck. I mean it was like he would come in, drop off a few things and then leave," explained Kramer. Tobias' criminal past does not end in Benton County, he was charged and convicted of residential burglaries in Pasco too. Two in 2014 and one in 2013, "but a lot of times, they will get it (steal things) and then they are getting rid of it as fast as they can. So it is tough to track that stuff down," explained Sergeant Scott Warren with the Pasco Police Department.

Tobias' past and common choice of items to steal is what helped detectives to his name, "they look back over our history of who in the past we have had that has been similar and has been caught for doing similar types of burglaries. That is when this gentlemans name popped up," said Sergeant Ken Lattin.

The most recent court documents we have seen rank Tobias' offender score as a "3". That score is measured each time he is sentenced, and as you can imagine, increases with how violent a crime is or how many times it has happened.

Right now, it is unclear what will happen to Tobias this time around, although he has served time for many of his previous crimes.


KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Kennewick Police Department says they have arrested a man for several burglaries across the Tri-Cities.

Police say they arrested 33-year-old David Tobias Jr. along the 500 block of W. 28th Ave. in Kennewick, Tuesday afternoon while serving a search warrant. They recovered items from multiple burglaries in Kennewick, Richland and West Richland dating back to 2014. Stolen items included housewares, jewelry, collectibles and electronics. Officers have returned many items to burglary victims.

Officers took Tobias to the Benton County Jail. He is facing residential burglary charges.