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Tri-City Court Club Offers a Class for Cancer Survivors

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KENNEWICK, WA - The Tri-City Court Club offers a class for people who have recently overcome their battle with cancer. The ten week sessions are designed to help get survivors back to where they were before they started their fight. The current session is in its seventh week and you don't even have to be a member of the club to join. 

John Berch is one of the participants and he said that doing the class has made him feel better and improved his mood. After an eight month battle with cancer, Berch said he didn't like how he looked or felt. After seven weeks of the cancer well-fit class he says he started noticing an improvement, "I'm not as tired, when I get done I feel stronger. I still fatigue fairly easy but since I started this I've seen this decrease," Jim Berch, cancer survivor
Jim is one of eight people in the ten week course and his trainer says that he always shows up early.

"He's driven and he wants to be here and that's really amazing," says, Lori Powell, Cancer Well-Fit Trainer.

After going through radiation treatments, chemotherapy and drugs Berch said it changes the way you live your daily life. He had some bad reactions to certain treatments but said his loving wife and good doctors helped him through it. Now as he continues to get back to his normal life he gives the class a lot of credit for where he is now, "It gets me out of the house and it gets me exercising. i know my muscle mass is coming back, it makes me feel good, I'd say 60 percent."

Powell is no stranger to the effects of cancer after losing her husband to cancer years ago. She says that loss is what motivated her to start and Lori enjoys helping people who've made it through the fight to be cancer free.

"I just have a passion to help people and I know the need is great and I love people and I just wanna help people," says Powell.

Participants also benefit from being able to talk to people who understand their common struggle.

"We have things to talk about and issues so it's nice to have that ability to talk to people that you know are going through the same things," says Berch.

After a long battle with cancer Jim is happy to have found a healthy activity to move forward with his life. 

To learn more about the program you can contact the Tri-Cities Cancer Center at 509-783-9894 and ask about the Cancer Well-Fit class.